Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look What We Learned & More From Unity & CPS

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well. Things are wonderful here! It feels like summer this week! The temps in Indy have been as hot as they are back home! It's not the usual spring but I'm loving it all the same! We've been living like it's summer! Friday found me teaching my youngest to ride his bike without his training wheels! OMG! He is growing up so fast! After many wipe outs....all from stopping, but no skinned knees to report, phew!....I'm happy to say that he's a natural. He can finally keep up with his big brothers while riding. Life in the Buck house will never be the same!

How stinkin' cute is he! We've been riding the 'hood non-stop all weekend. I will confess to doing a little rain dance....mommy needs a nap! ;)

On to some stamp goodness. This week I am using the current CPS sketch with one of my Unity favs. You can view the sketch here. The stamp kit is All Smiles. This is one of my FAVORITES! I love this kit! Take a peek.......

Now head on over to the sweet Jimmi's blog to see what she has in store for you. I will be back to post you soon! I'm sure as you are reading this I am off for another bike ride! ;) Have a good one!

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Jingle said...

YAY for riding a bike!!!!! And very cute card!

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh he is a cutie!! Hooray on the milestone of bike riding! Love your card Jen!

Linda said...

I love the pertty ribbon on you super card!