Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday....

Yeah...I know...there she goes again. I have two songs playing in my head! ;) ...there she goes.....there she goes again..... ;)

Ok...sorry...slight distraction....

Are you ready for another fun Monday challenge? This week it's Grandparents day! ???? Yeah, I was a bit stumped with what direction to go with this one. I think it's actually one of those that can be interpreted in so many ways.

Well, I don't have any grandparents still around. :( So sad! I can still remember spending time with both sets of grandparents. I will mom is from a southern part of Louisiana....where they are from her parents were 'Bigmama' and 'Bigdaddy'...seriously! Now I think it's cute. Growing up it was torture! We grew up in the northern part of the state and peeps didn't use those terms there!

I still remember spending weekends with my Daddy's mom. We would stay up all night cooking and watching old movies. By cooking...I mean whole meals! One night she taught me how to use a pressure cooker. We were eating BBQ chicken at 2AM! We would also bake cookies and cakes. It was wonderful! I still remember Coconut macaroons and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane...the old Betty Davis & Joan Crawford movie. I was a huge Joan Crawford fan back then.....of course the whole biography...'wire hanger' thing hadn't come to light at this point....and I am really rambling! ;)

Anyhoooo...trying to get to the point! My card for today isn't exactly a 'grandparents' card...but I can honestly say that my Grandmother would have LOVED it! Ok...she would have loved anything from me....but aside from that, she would have loved the colors and LOVED the whimsical image. ...and the sentiment is perfection! Because any time spent with her did = happy!
I do really miss her! She was the best!

Now check out the rest of the Monday gals ....AJ Otto, Amber Height, Brooke Lien, Jeanne Streiff, Maren Benedict, and Jimmi Mayo.

Hope you all have a great day! I will post you all soon! :)

Unity Stamp Co. You+Me=Happy
SEI paper
PTI ribbon


StampinCathy said...

Your card is so cheery and bright. I just love the sentiment and the mushroom. This set is on my wishlist...ok all the UNITY stamps are on my wishlist. LOL Thanks for this inspiring eye candy to start my week off.

kgscrapper said...

Love the colors, the mushroom is too cute!! The story about time spent with your gramma is really touching. Both my grandma's are still alive and well (something not many 40+ yr olds can say!!) I know that I am truly blessed to have these wondeful women in my life!!

FibreJunky said...

I miss my grandparents, too. I think grandparent memories are *THE BEST*. Love the card - I really need to get that set!

eggette said...

You are making me miss my Grandma and I have tears.....for heaven's sakes, I'm a Grandma myself!! Love your creation and I am positive your grandma would love it too! - not that I knew her, but I know Grandma's now!

Amber said...

SUPAH cute card Buckie, the little mushroom is the best!

Brooke said...

you + these stamps = HAPPY!
I really love this one Jen.. great colors.. it rocks!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

this is so darn cute! The colors are awesome!